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Effective Acne Scar Treatment in Midland, MI

Typically, acne goes away quickly, and the skin heals like the outbreak never occurred. However, people who are prone to more severe acne and those with picking habits may be left with stubborn scars that blemish their complexion. MidMichigan Dermatology is pleased to help patients who wish to diminish their scars for smoother, more evenly colored skin. Contact us today to schedule a consultation about acne scar treatment in Midland, MI.

What are Your Goals?

Some people don’t mind their scars. Other people feel self-conscious about them and worry they might even interfere with their careers and social lives. If you are part of the latter group, our board-certified dermatologist would be happy to discuss your options with you.

For effective acne scar treatment, it is important for us to first understand your goals. For example, are you concerned about raised scars, depressed scars, or both? Is it more important to you to even out the skin tone or to eliminate the wavy skin texture? How much downtime can you afford? Are you willing to devote extra time to treatments and daily skin routines, or are you looking for a quicker solution? Your answers to these questions and more will help us determine the right approach for your acne scar treatment.